Friday, June 25, 2010

Turning four...

In a few weeks, my sweet little girl is turning FOUR! I almost can't believe it, but she reminds me daily that she will soon be a year older. So it seemed time to head out and do her four-year portraits. I wanted to do something fun that she would enjoy, so what could be better than a kid in a candy store. I called the manager of the Candy Barrel in Old Sacramento and asked if I could do a shoot in their store. She was happy to help!

So this morning, off we went. It would have been virtually impossible for me to do with all three kids in tow if I wasn't able to convince my friend to come and lend a hand. She was a trooper and gladly entertained the twins while we played in the candy store.

We also stopped by a few of our favorite photography spots to snap a few.

I must give props to our twins as well. They were SO good the entire time we were there. So of course I had to reward them for being so good...

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