Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What to Wear

I recently had a client ask me about what her family should wear during a photo session. I thought about my own family and realized that I enjoy our own annual photo shoot best when I feel good and look great myself. This isn't always the case, because more often then not I spend more time on my kids' outfits and throw something on myself as an after thought. Not good. So I asked this client if she owned something that she felt particularly good in. Her answer was that she had a particular brown and white dress that she loved. So... here's an idea for that Momma on what her kids might be able to wear so that they look cute but she still gets to wear her awesome dress! Now the big question would be whether I could convince her husband to wear a pink shirt....

Pink dress: The Gap
Girl's jacket: The Company Store
Flower pin: Etsy
Boy's shirt: Old Navy
Boys shorts: Old Navy
Boy's fedora: The Gap

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