Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Assignment Twin Toddlers | Sacramento Family Photographer

This is Nina. She's a super Mommy. She takes care of two very active toddlers, runs a business, runs her home, and volunteers her time to her local Mothers of Multiples club. She's a creative patisserie chef, an effective business woman, and a loving mother. She deserves an award.

I have made such amazing friends through the Sacramento Mothers of Multiples club. They are seriously a great group of ladies who amaze me with their parenting abilities. This also just happens to mean that I shoot a lot of twins and triplets. Not an easy gig by any means. But the most difficult thing is shooting multiple toddlers. Toddlers tend to run away from you, and twin toddlers tend to run away from you in opposite directions. And Nina's two were SO SWEET, but were no exception to the rule. Let me tell you... they were FAST! And they weren't very interested in being contained... not by my wagon, not by mom and dad, not by anything!

They were so cute and it was so interesting to see how their little boy looked just like Daddy, and their little girl looked just like Mommy. They were Mini-me's!

We shot at the Sacramento Horseman's Association, which is always a fun place to go. The kids LOVED the horses and they provided a big enough distraction that they would stay still for at least 30 seconds! Daddy may need to buy them a pony...

Seriously... could she be any cuter?

And here's the whole family! Mom and Dad did an excellent job wrangling these two wiggle worms. Thank you guys for sharing your morning with me. You have a beautiful family!

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