Sunday, January 29, 2012

And baby makes four | Roseville Maternity Photographer

I don't often have the opportunity to shoot many maternity photos.  Perhaps ladies don't like commemorating their round tummy.  But I gotta say... I really enjoyed my maternity session on Saturday.  There's something just really special about capturing those moments of change and newness in a family.  And it didn't hurt that both me and the Mommy-to-be were all over Pinterest before the session collecting ideas!  Here's a couple of Pinterest-inspired photos!

The funny part about the photo above, is that while we were writing the quote, their little girl was very adamant that we write something on her tummy as well.  She wanted to do exactly like Mommy was doing.  So here they are together!  Hope that Sharpie marker comes off easily you guys!

Their home just happens to back up to the most beautiful open space area that is probably the only spot around that actually has green grass this time of year.  It was so pretty, so of course we had to shoot there!  Even their dog was compliant enough to get in some shots!

And or COURSE we had to get some shots of their daughter too.  She is going to be such an amazing big sister.  One of my "techniques" in getting toddlers and preschoolers to smile for me is to pretend to cry.  For some reason little kids think that's hilarious.  But not this little sweetheart.  When I brought on my "pretend cry" this worried look of concern crossed her face and she reached out her hands to hold me and make me feel better.  Melt. My. Heart.  She is going to be a fabulous big sister indeed!

I can't WAIT until their sweet little boy joins their family and I get to shoot him too!  He is one very blessed little boy to be born into this family.

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