Monday, July 18, 2011

Six week old twins | Sacramento Newborn Photographer

I got to photograph the most adorable boy/girl twins yesterday! They were six weeks old, but were born seven weeks early and hadn't been home from the NICU for long, so they were both still little tiny beans. Mom and Dad were doing so great and were so well organized! Doesn't she look fabulous for having two little babies?

It was a little work getting a photo of them together, but they seemed quite happy to snuggle. It seemed that they were fairly used to being squished up with one another.

I wanted another photo of them together, but decided it may be easier to photograph them separately and then merge the photos together in Photoshop. So this is a composite image of two separate pictures.

I had a couple of little guy ties that I've been wanting to try out on a baby boy... so I made sure that I got one with their son.

Capturing a newborn's smile is not easy. You have to be able to read where they are in their sleep cycle and notice the facial movements leading up to it. I was THRILLED when I caught BOTH of them smiling at different moments!

We got some individuals of them on my little bed with complimentary blankets that were made for each of them. Could they be any more peaceful?

I seriously adore shooting newborns. Please send all your pregnant friends my way so I can capture their sweet babies with my camera. It was so much fun shooting these two and I hope Mom and Dad enjoy their sneak peek as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

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