Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oldest & Youngest | Sacramento Child & Senior Photographer

A friend of mine has kids ranging in age from a "soon to be" senior in high school to a "soon to be" two year old. Being a senior and being two are big milestones, so Mom thought it was time for photos of them both. Splitting a session between these two age groups is an interesting quandary, because half the time I have to be cool enough to relate to a high school senior, and the other half the time I have to dance around, sing songs and make funny noises. Needless to say, BOTH of them were fabulous and compliant in front of my camera. They BOTH get gold stars in my books!

So here's their two-year old daughter. I took her newborn pictures when she was teeny tiny, and she was my very first client when I decided to turn my photography passion into a business. I think this is the fourth time I've shot her, and every single time she is SO good, sweet and full of smiles. Love this kid!

I can just imagine that she's thinking, "You wanted me to sit in this wagon? You meant STAND in the wagon, right?"

Her big brother was just as easy going, and I give him credit for putting up with me. Because let's get real... there's not many teenage guys that want to get up super early to go pose for pictures. He's such a nice young man!

And check out his EYES! He's got that dark, dark hair and bright blue eyes. Lucky guy!

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Anonymous said...

Amy, you always take amazing pictures and you are so good with the kids...young and older. :) Thanks again. I love the pictures!!!!

~Brenda Kee