Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sisters & Cousins | Sacramento Children Photographer

Yesterday, I met a friend and her sister-in-law AND their kids in Old Sacramento for a play date. I had promised my friend that I would help her learn how to use her camera a little better, and at the same time it was a fun opportunity to take some pictures of her twin daughters and their cousin! Considering we were wrangling SEVEN kids between the three of us... it's amazing we got any decent pictures. Here's my friend's twin girls. I love these two... they are like little rays of light!

And here's their adorable 2-year old cousin. I absolutely love the feel of this photo and will have to put it on my website. There's something about the warm colors and this sweet girl's personality that just shine through.

And here's what I got when I said, "Give me your best pose!" She's a natural don't you think?

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