Monday, September 26, 2011

What to Wear for Family Photos

Well... Friday was the first day of fall and do you know what that means? It's time for those family portraits for your Christmas cards! And our family is no exception. Every year I have a professional photographer do our family portraits because I'm never in the pictures throughout the rest of the year.

So the first thing I did was find a dress that I loved and that looks totally awesome on ME! Then I figured out how I wanted to match the rest of the family to me. Too often mommies find cute clothes for their kids first and then throw on whatever they have that might coordinate. No bueno. It's EASY to find cute kids clothes and much harder for mommies to find things that they feel awesome in. Do that first.

Then I decided on a palette. We're going with brown and red with a hint of turquoise (I may wear turquoise jewellery). And over the last couple of months, I kept my eyes open for cute clothes that fit our palette. And VIOLA! All I need now is some cute flowers for the girls hair and some hot shoes for me. Done! Here are the actual outfits we're going with (except for my husband's outfit... he'll be wearing a white T-shirt under the plaid one and his pants are slightly different)! Don't you love my dress? If anyone has a good suggestion for shoes that will look good with my dress I'm looking for suggestions!

Here's links to the outfits, from left to right:
Brown dress with red flower - from Gymboree (click here)
Men's red shirt and pants - already in my husband's closet
My cute little red dress - from eShakti (click here)
Little boys outfit & accessories (but not suspenders - from Gymboree (click here)
Little girl's dress - from Etsy (click here)

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