Saturday, October 29, 2011

Belinda's Girls | Roseville Family Photographer

This is my friend Belinda and her beautiful family. She had two sweet girls when she found out she was pregnant with twins. She made a beeline to the Sacramento Mother of Multiples and her very first meeting was MY very first meeting. We have commiserated over the joys and trials of motherhood ever since! It all started when Belinda met James...

Then they had their first girl, who is now a very confident and helpful young lady in second grade. I loved watching her be a little "Mother Hen" to her sisters!

Then came their second daughter, who is now four-years old and in preschool. She was a little shy in front of the camera at first, but once I started shooting her older sister by herself, she was ASKING me to take her picture. So sweet!

Then... surprise! They got pregnant with twin girls. Belinda handles the whole group with so much love. She's such a great Mommy!

And here's all the girls together. Even their dog is a girl. Poor James is VERY outnumbered. I love these two pictures because I didn't have to do a single head swap. They were just so happy and easy to photograph.

And here's super dad with his four girls. Good thing he works out regularly because you have to be strong to wrangle these little ladies!

Thanks so much Belinda for letting me photograph your wonderful family. Your girls are just fabulous!

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