Sunday, October 23, 2011

Megan's Clan | Sacramento Family Photographer

I got to shoot the most beautiful family yesterday... inside and out! I'm very lucky with the clients that I get, people who seem so invested in their kids lives. It makes me happy! And can these people be more gorgeous?

And here's Mom and Dad! You can definitely tell that they work well as a team!

Their little girl was so cute... and despite cutting some mean ol' molars, she was still so easy going and sweet. She put up with my singing, funny faces, and silly sounds, although I think deep down she thought I was a little insane. I'm very glad that she humored me!

And Dad's older daughter was such a sweet young lady. It was so much fun seeing her with her baby sister, and it was obvious that the two girls adore one another.

All in all... a fabulous morning was had in Old Sacramento. Beautiful weather. Beautiful setting. And beautiful people!

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