Friday, October 7, 2011

Now offering Kotori Photo Jewellery!

Many people have commented on my photo necklace that I wear daily. But on Wednesday I got a fabulous new piece of photo jewellery. Check out this cute sterling silver plated bracelet with onyx beads! I absolutely love this picture of my family taken by an awesome photographer and friend, DeAnna Gallardo.

So here's the great news... I am going to start offering the ENTIRE line of Kotori jewellery through my business. They have two lines of jewellery now... a more expensive line where everything is solid sterling silver. And they also offer a less expensive fashion line that showcases plated and copper pieces. Here's the fashion line catalog... just click below to check it out:

Here's the sterling silver line! Once again, just click below to check it out:

And here's the best part... all this awesome jewellery is available to you now in time for Christmas! Whoo whoo! I'm getting the final price list together right now and should have that available soon! Yippee!

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