Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jonathan & Elise | Sacramento Wedding Photographer

I have to giggle a little on the title of this blog post. I'm predominately a portrait photographer, but once in a while a wedding offer comes along that I just have to take. And Jonathan & Elise's wedding was one of those events. First of all, who wouldn't want to shoot these two beautiful people?

But second of all, Jonathan's mom and dad are very special to me and my business. They were my friends long before "Images from Amy" existed. And when I shared my desires to learn photography, they were my biggest fans and supporters. In fact, they came to my house 24 hours after I received my first dSLR camera for their "photo shoot". And here they are at the wedding almost five years later.

Not only were they my first "session"... but their oldest son's wedding was the first wedding I ever shot. And they were so supportive of me shooting that wedding that they actually bought me my Speedlight flash so I could shoot it! Here's their first son and his wife this weekend... pregnant with their second child!

First session... first wedding... but that's not all. Their first grandchild was the first newborn session that I ever did! And here she is over three years later as the flower girl at this wedding!

So before I ever even MET the bride... I knew that this wedding was going to be filled with people who were extremely special to me. And then I met the bride, Elise. And let me tell you, she is an absolutely warm and sweet lady - beautiful inside and out! I knew that it was going to a fabulous wedding and a fun day of shooting... and I was right! And the wedding just happened to be in gorgeous San Diego on the waterfront at the marina. Check out this view from their reception hall!

I got to hang out with the bridal party while they were getting ready which was so much fun. It was interesting to be with the women and watch the frenzy of make-up and hairspray, and then visit the guys and see them playing on their laptops and enjoying a good drink. Guys don't know how easy they have it!

Elise's gown was STUNNING! It was white lace over a champagne silk with intricate beading all over it. And it probably didn't hurt that she has the perfect little body to show it off!

Then we were off to do portraits before the ceremony. The sun was hot and high in the sky, but everyone were such troupers and we got it all done in time!

The ceremony was so sweet and personal, and Jonathan & Elise wrote some tender words to share with each other. It was so wonderful to see the sincere love they have for one another! And their faces showed their joy when they were announced as "husband and wife"!

The reception was wonderful! Elise pulled in some "beachy" elements into the decorating, which went perfectly with the view of the marina. And the groom's cake was even a turtle!

One of my favorite moments in a reception is always the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance. I think this especially true since becoming a parent myself and anticipating that one day I will be watching my children getting married. It always tugs on my heartstrings.

And of course there's always the traditional tossing of "stuff"... including the coveted garter belt.

And the dance floor got hopping too. Jonathan and Elise know people who like to have fun!

But at the end of the night, the last dance brought it home to what the day was really all about: two people who love each other so much that they are committed to doing the rest of life together. Nothing could be better than that!

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Winter Elizabeth Jarquin said...

All of your pictures are so beautiful!! No one could have captured all of the happy moments on that day better than you!!