Saturday, November 12, 2011

Handsome twin boys | Sacramento Family Photographer

Yesterday I met a fabulous family down in Old Sacramento for their session.  I must admit that I never get sick of shooting in Old Sacramento because there's so many little scenic nooks and crannies.  And when the weather is "iffy" (like it was yesterday), it's so nice to know that there's tons of places with overhangs and cover to shoot.  Lucky for us, it ended up not being an issue as the rain was held at bay.

The last time I shot this family, their sweet twin boys weren't walking yet.  And now... they're running.  And let me tell you that these boys are fast.  Luckily I had enough foresight to bring my Radio Flyer tricycle... also know as my toddler containment device.

But even with the toddler containment device, there was a little chasing involved.  Good thing that they can't outrun me... yet!

I also used their Mom and Dad as living and breathing containment devices.

And when they were tired of running, and I was tired of chasing, the session was declared over.  They were all such troopers, braving the cold and potential rain for these pictures.  Thanks so much you guys!

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