Saturday, November 19, 2011

Three kids under two | Sacramento Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure yesterday of shooting a sweet little boy who was brand new to this world... only seven days old!  He was a bit of a surprise to his wonderful parents, who already have boy/girl twins that are only a year and a half old.  Yup... three kids less than two years old.  I bow down to their mom and dad because they are handling this young family with an amazing amount of humor and patience and grace.  They are such an amazing team!

We started with some more standard photos of their sweet baby.  He wasn't really into sleeping for me and was much more interested in what I was doing.

 But as he finally started drifting off I got a photo of his beautiful smile!

Then we went into Mom and Dad's room to get some photos with his older brother and sister.  His Mom loves color.  Their home is bright and cheery and absolutely fabulous... I loved it!  I really adore these pictures in their room and have decided to shoot babies in their home environment more because of it.  I think it paints a bigger picture about what a child's life was like at that given moment in time.

And here's his big siblings.  Could they be any cuter?  Both of them were suffering with the sniffles when I was there, but they were still so sweet and willing to smile for me. 


Nancy Warren said...

It is such a gift to share in your joy via these gorgeous pictures.
Much love from your second cousin in Southern California.
Nancy, cousin to Grandma Jan.

Addy Bethe said...

Look much love fills a room and a picture speaks a thousand words! How blessed you are with three beautiful kiddo's!