Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FREE session up for grabs to a "Super" family!

I had it in my head that when I reached 400 fans on Facebook that I would run a contest.  And as of a couple of weeks ago my page hit that mark!  So... after a lot of deliberation, I have come up with a creative contest (or at least as creative as I could humanly get).  The picture above should give you a hint about the contest.  I want you to pick one member of your family and tell me...
1.  ...what their Super Hero name should be.
2.  ...what their Super Hero power is.
3.  ...why they have the previously mentioned name and power.

HOW TO ENTER:  First of all, your entry must be submitted here on the blog in the comments section (entries on Facebook will NOT count).  Second of all, you must "like" my Facebook fan page (link at the top of this page).  Do both of these things and that gets you an entry into the drawing. 

MORE CHANCES TO ENTER:  But that's not all!  If you refer people to my Facebook page and they like the page AND leave a message such as "{Your Name} is a Super Hero and referred me to your page", you will get an additional entry for EACH person that does this.  That could add up!

THE PRIZE:  You have until next Thursday, January 26th at 8:00 p.m. to get your entries in.  The winner will receive a free session AND two free digital images of their choice.  The aforementioned session MUST be taken in the months of March or April and must be shot in Sacramento or surrounding area.  The session is only for immediate family, so please don't ask everyone you know to show up for a free shoot.

That's it!  Easy peasy, right?  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me


Molly Fechter-Leggett said...

The Amazing Emesis Emma- Her superpower is her vulture-like super spit-up. She keeps overly-enthusiastic cheek-pinching great-aunts at bay with her unpredictable regurgitation.

Kendra Martinez said...

Super Hero Name : Infectious
Super Power : To make even the most dastardly villain smile.

When Logan smiles he smiles with his whole face and can make my worst day 100 times better! Once he smiles at you, you'll be smiling right back at him :)

Jennifer Haugen said...

Gracie the Great
Her superpower: her memory for song lyrics is like a steel trap. It is unbelievable and the way she sings with her sweet voice will melt your heart.

Colleen Marks said...

Superhero: Emily aka Chilean Miner/Wonder Woman
Super Power: Defying Doctors and all odds
During an emergent surgical procedure I underwent at 10 weeks gestation Emily’s sac was inadvertently ruptured and we were told that she no longer had a heartbeat and was gone. Weeks later at an ultrasound to check on her twin, low and behold there was a heartbeat and the faint outline of a tiny squished fetus. Despite the miracle of a heartbeat, we were told that she likely would not develop without any fluid. But much to the dismay of all, our tiny Chilean Miner arrived happy and healthy! She has some orthopedic hurdles to overcome but with her resilience and determination it wouldn’t surprise me if she becomes an Olympic athlete!

Alison D said...

Radiant Clara

Shoots rays of sunshine at everyone she meets.

Her smile, her energy, her skip, her attention to others, and her deep empathy makes this 4 year old a Super Hero! Her inner light shines on others and makes them feel special and loved. She truly is my sunshine!

Alex said...

1. Nucleus of the Heart (Dave)
2. Protector and provider of his clan. He can turn tears to laughter and his hugs are like gold
3. He is the Core of our family. He goes above and beyond to care for us and provide for us. He makes our days brighter and our lives complete.

Christine said...

Rémy the Invisible Boy!

Rémy has the power to render himself invisible with the mere act of covering his eyes with his hands and standing very very still. His twin sister Maggie and I will spend a long time looking around the house, shouting "Where's Rémy?", and it isn't until his hands come off his eyes that we are finally able to see him. An amazing power that he is very proud of!

Claudia Lang said...

Loquacious Lillie (a.k.a. "Loose Lips")

Her superpower is that she will talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything and everything you can imagine. No secret is safe with her!

Buy someone a present? Never fear, she will proudly announce to them what it is...and maybe how much you paid for it!

Tell someone something in confidence? Don't despair - chances are she will share that privileged information with the cashier (and everyone within earshot) the next time you are at Wal Mart!

She overhears you discussing your weight issues with a friend? You guessed it - your weight will be the hot topic tomorrow morning at preschool sharing time!

But my favorite part of her superpower is the special thing that happens every night when we snuggle up in bed. After she has spent her whole day talking non-stop to everyone else, she settles down and gets comfy, yawns, and then she whispers in her soft sweet little voice "Let's talk about stuff, Mama. All kinds of stuff...I want to talk to you about everything!" What a wonderful gift that superpower is!!

Mary Curtis said...

Super Hero Name: Mimic
Super Power: The ability to imitate any sounds he hears

Dom has an uncanny ear for picking up intonation and new sounds. He'll repeat words and sounds that he's just heard - like a fox's cry or "giraffe". He's honing his skills to someday use his mimicking powers to fight crime. He's part of the Daring Duo with his brother Equilibrium who specializes in acrobatic feats like climbing up the slide and in promoting peace through sharing.

Jennifer Irwin said...

Wonder Jake - He possess the skill to locate and place in his mouth every pacifier (belong to him or anyone else) within a 2 mile radias. He will ask strangers in the store for theirs. And don't forget his sidekick SpiderJosh, who is able to scale just about anything quicker than you can say "Mama's having a heart attack!"

Molly Fechter-Leggett said...

Wow. I wish I could "like" all of these! You are all such amazing, loving moms who really "see" their kids (&husbands!) as the amazing people they are, what a gift you give each of them. I feel so fortunate call many of you my friends :) This made my night! I don't even feel bad that I didn't win (and for those of you who know me, that is saying a lot!).