Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Delta King Wedding | Sacramento Photographer

A few weeks ago I had a fun opportunity to shoot the wedding of a fellow photographer's sister.  The other photographer was Tawney of Natane Photography, who actually shot my Christmas family portraits.  She was in her sister's wedding, so shooting it would have been a difficult affair.  And I was excited to find out the wedding was on the Delta King paddle-wheeler, down in Old Sacramento.  You can't get a more fun location than that!  Here's the wedding party on deck and Tawny with her sister, Liana.

Here's Liana's flower girls and ring bearer.  You can definitely tell they're all cousins, can't you?  They were the cutest kids ever.

The wedding was out on an adjacent dock, and although there were intermittent downpours all day long, the sun came out for their ceremony.  It wasn't long before the ceremony ended that the downpours began all over again!  Here comes the bride!


And here they go... newly pronounced "Man and Wife".  Can you tell they're a wee bit happy about that?

We did some formal portraits inside the Delta King, on one of the staircases. Liana and her family were very accommodating considering we had to dodge restaurant patrons and waitresses to shoot here! 

And of course every good wedding has to have some detail shots!

The reception was a ton of fun.  It was very obvious that Liana and her new husband, Flint, enjoyed ballroom dancing, because the cut a very nice rug on that dance floor!

After the reception, I hung around and helped Tawney take a few shots of the bride and groom by themselves.  The Delta King staff let us shoot in the Captain's quarters, which was a treat!

Every wedding that I shoot, I am reminded what a priviledge it is to be so close to a bride and groom on their special day and share in those intimate moments.  Thanks so much to Liana, Flint and Tawney for letting me share in such a special day!

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