Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wonderfully Made | Sacramento Glamor Photographer

This is a big post for me... something I've been mulling over for a couple of months now.  It actually stems from a sermon I heard in which the speaker talked about how we are "wonderfully" made.  I liked thinking about the idea that I'm wonderfully made, but couldn't help thinking that so many women don't believe that about themselves.  I see it ALL the time... moms who take a million pictures of their kids, but are hardly in any of the photos themselves because they don't like how they look.  They don't believe they are wonderfully made.

Here's the problem... women compare themselves to an "ideal" that they see in media.  But they're comparing apples to oranges.  They are comparing photos of themselves taken by Uncle Joe when they're tired and running after kids, to photos of stars that have seen a professional make-up artist, hair stylist, and photographer who understands posing and lighting.  Doesn't seem like a fair comparison... does it?

So I started studying.  I wanted to learn how to take fabulous photos of women of all shapes and sizes that they will love and feel beautiful in.  I even looked into having my own boudoir pictures done and was disappointed when I hardly found any nice, classy examples out there of curvy women... or in my case, women with bodies that survived a full-term twin pregnancy.  But then I watched a webinar by the fabulous and talented Sue Bryce.  Talk. About. Inspiring.  So off I went and started lining up some friends who were willing to model for me.  Then I had a chat with my friend DeAnna of DeAnna Gallardo Photography. She had watched the Sue Bryce webinar too, and was equally excited about doing some glamor photography.  So me and my partner in crime got ready to shoot our victims... and what better example of "normal" women than four mother's of multiples (three with twins and one with triplets).

When they arrived, the first thing I did was take a "before" picture, because I wanted you to see the depth of their transformation!  DeAnna and I decked these four ladies out in full hair and make-up.  Then we rented a gorgeous and classy room at the Citizen Hotel and started shooting.  These ladies were absolutely amazing sports.  I admire them for their bravery in letting me share a handful of their images and hope that we did them justice.  Here's the first brave soul!

And here's my second brave friend.  She was the most nervous to do this shoot and ended up having absolutely stunning photos.  Go figure?  More pictures of my other "victims" to be posted in a future blog post...

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Unknown said...

Dang, you did an amazing job. Beautiful women before, with such a dramatic change.