Saturday, June 23, 2012

Miss "C" is Wonderfully Made | Sacramento Glamor Photographer

This is the last lady that I shot (with DeAnna Gallardo Photography) during our Wonderfully Made Marathon.  By this point we were pretty weary and I FORGOT to take my "before" photo.  DOH!  But quite frankly Miss "C" looked freaking amazing before we even got to her so the Before and Afters wouldn't be very drastic.  LOL!  Also, if you're wondering why I don't use people's names, it's because I figure that if someone Googled your name you probably wouldn't want photos of yourself in lingerie coming up.

Isn't that an AWESOME bathtub?  There's a fun story about the location of our shoot.  The original site of our glamor marathon fell through at the last moment.  I was scrambling to find a location and was discussing my dilemma with my friend.  She had just purchased a new house and was just starting to move in.  She offered to let us use her beautiful new home to shoot in.  She even staged all the stuff they had moved in so that any areas we wanted to use were free of boxes.  Now THAT'S an awesome friend.  Thanks so much, Susan... love you lots!

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