Sunday, June 24, 2012

Miss "A" is Wonderfully Made | Sacramento Glamor Photographer

This is the final blog post from our last Wonderfully Made marathon with DeAnna Gallardo Photography and Make-up by Libier.  Miss "A" was pretty nervous about her glamor session, and then we got her in front of the camera and she was such a natural!  She made is SO easy to photograph her and by the end of the session she was a seasoned pro.  Here's her "Before" picture.  It's an extraordinarily awful picture of Miss "A" (sorry my friend)... but it just goes to show you how awful a photo can make a person look when it's quickly taken and not thought out well!

And here's her "After" photos.  Apparently her husband was THRILLED with his preview of the pictures... as he should be since he's married to a HOTTIE!  Needless to say, we'll save the really sexy pictures for his eyes only...

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