Saturday, October 27, 2012

Triplet girls | Sacramento Family Photographer

I was so excited about shooting my friend's family today.  My friend has been wanting a family portrait session for a while now, but the idea of photographing her girls felt daunting.  Her girls have dealt with a combination of autism and sensory issues, which has been a challenge for their family.  But I must say that their Mommy has met each new challenge with absolutely amazing strength and advocacy for her kids.  She definitely gets the name "Super Mom" in my book!  And her girls are definitely the benefactor of her strength, because they are absolutely darling little girls!  Needless to say, this session meant a lot to me.  I really really really really wanted to bless them with a great family photo.  I literally prayed for the session the whole way there, because it meant so much to me.  And I think we were successful!  YAY!

See... cutest girls ever, right?  These girls are just one week older than my twins, and their mommy and I joined the Sacramento Mothers of Multiples within a month of each other.  Three years later... they're getting so grown up!  Two of her triplets are identical twins, which is something I'm learning is actually quite common in the "triplet world".

I love that picture above.  I have pictures of her looking directly at the camera too... but something about that coy smile is very "her".  Such a sweet little lady.  And I love that despite the ups and downs of parenting triplets, this mom and dad are such a team.

And last but not least, it probably doesn't hurt that this family has a fabulous support system of grandparents to help out and encourage them!  And how lucky that they were even able to join us for the portrait session!


Nicole Cook said...

Great job, Amy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I am a great aunt to these beautiful little girls. I've actually only been able to see them once when they were almost a year old. You've done a beautiful thing here, thank you! Auntie Debbie

Amy, Steve, Molly, Paige and Garrett said...

Awww... it's my pleasure Auntie Debbie! :)