Monday, February 18, 2013

A family of six... my awesome relatives!

These fabulous folks are my relatives.  Unfortunately I can't take any genetic credit for them, as they are cousins through marriage.  But let's just say that I married into a pretty awesome family.  I have photographed their sons for a few years now, but they have been very overdue for an updated family portrait.  As their Mama put it, "I am so excited to finally have a family picture that I don't have an 80's hairdo!" That gives you an idea that it has been a while.  Here's my cousin-in-law and her husband.

And they had four boys who are spread out in age from college to three years old!  These little dudes are such great kids and it's a total testament to what wonderful parents they have.  Here they are from oldest to youngest.

Such a loving and supportive family...

And as you can imagine... having four boys keeps these parents RUNNING!

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Christie, Scott, Hailey and Luke said...

Oh Amy, they came out so awesome! I can't even pick a favorite!!! Such a wonderful family and you captured each of them perfectly!