Monday, March 18, 2013

Some twin baby blog love

As I write about this next session, you may notice that my post looks a little different.  That's because I'm experimenting with my blog layout.  Why am I experimenting with my blog layout?  Well... because I am soon going to be redoing my blog and combining it with my website all into one fancy webpage.  Yup... a blogsite.  Or blogazine.  Or web blog.  Or a knick-knack-paddy-whack-give-a-blog-a-bone.  Needless to say that I'm doing all this so that I only have ONE thing to maintain (and to get rid of my website flash interface that isn't mobile gadget friendly).  Enough of that jibber jabber...

This weekend I photographed the sweetest set of boy/girl twins.  Yes, I know that I too have boy/girl twins.  But I don't remember MY twins being as sleepy and mellow as these twins.  I'm sure their parents would tell me otherwise.  Needless to say they were as compliant as a set of models can be.

Seriously... did your heart melt?  And here's some solo shots with their son first and their daughter second.  I just love their peaceful expressions.

GAH!  So freaking cute!  Now it's your turn... leave mom and dad some bloggity love in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

What PERFECTLY beautiful twins!!!!
Great pbotography Amy! Congrats to these parents!

Kacie said...

So adorable! These pics almost make me want to have twins again...almost. (: