Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A family session in Old Sacramento

Sometimes photographing a toddler can be a very difficult prospect.  And when I know there's TWIN toddlers, I put on my comfy clothes and my running shoes because I know it's going to be some work and I will end up being one sweaty photographer.  But this session was very different.  It was ridiculously easy.  I decided that one of three things happened:
1.  They are truly the most easy-going and compliant toddlers on the face of the planet (which means their parents are big liars).
2.  Their parents drugged them before the session.
3.  Their parents made sure they were fed and rested, and the rest was plain ol' luck.
Being that I know their parents, and I know that they're honest people, I decided that option one probably wasn't the case.  And knowing that their parents are also highly educated and responsible people, I decided option two wasn't probable.  So I'm going with number three.  Here's some of the whole family!

Old Sacramento was unusually busy for a Sunday night, I suppose because it was the beginning of Spring Break.  And of course, two adorable little red-headed girls in coordinating outfits drew quite a bit of attention.  Mom and Dad had several people interrupting our portrait session wanting to know if "they are twins".  And at one point while I was entertaining the kiddos (read: getting their attention) by singing "If you're happy and you know it", we had an entire crowd of people join us in the singing!  It was a sing-a-long in Old Sacramento!   So funny!  It was such a great time they are going to have a ridiculous amount of good photos to choose from.  Thanks to the whole family for hanging out with me!

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