Friday, March 22, 2013

My baby girl is growing up

Today my six-year old daughter asked me to take her picture.  I almost fell over.  Usually there is a lot of bribery to get portraits of my own children, so to have her ASK for photos is outside of the "norm".  I didn't stop to blink and immediately told her she could pick out her own outfit and we'd go out for ice cream after.  Umm... did you catch that.  I was so worried that she'd change her mind that I defaulted to bribery.  Sigh...

Looking at these pictures scares me a little.  She's such a cute little thing (obviously I'm a little biased), and the only thought that pulses through my brain is that my husband is going to have to buy a BIG weapon when she's a teen.  A BIG weapon... something very scary looking.  I want her to stay little forever.  I love that she still loves to cuddle up with me and hold my hand.  I love that she still wants me to sing her to sleep.  And I love that she still sleeps with her teddy bears.  I hope that doesn't end any time soon.

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