Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby Big Gulp

Last weekend I was privileged to photograph my friends' brand new baby boy.  His birth weight was 7 pounds 11 ounces, and his 7-11 weigh-in has earned him the title of "Big Gulp".  So, being that his parents have a great sense of humor, they had their photo session prop ready to go...

He was such a cute little boy, and it was so great to be able to get some baby cuddles in.  It took him a while to go to sleep for me, and I'm convinced that he was just way too interested in everything that was going on to  want to rest. 

He was preceded by two older sisters who are already demonstrating a protective spirit over their baby brother.  Everything that I did was met with "why are you doing that?" and "what are you doing to him?".  I love that they didn't want anything to happen to "their" baby!  So cute!

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Lindsay Bradle said...

Love love love Amy! How did you get to be so talented! Thank you again for blessing our family with these amazing shots!