Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why hire a make-up artist for your photo session?

Last night I had a nice chat with some amazing mothers about whether or not they should hire a make-up artist for their portrait session.  A good make-up artist is anywhere from $75 to $175, so why spend the money?  I get it.  You're talking to a woman that did her own make-up on her wedding day (which is particularly amazing because I never wear make-up and don't know what I'm doing).

And then I had an amazing friend and photographer with DeAnna Gallardo Photography take some beauty/glamor shots of me after having my hair and make-up done.  I have NEVER had my make-up professionally done.  Never.  Not once.  I was worried about the make-up artist making me look "over done".  I was freaked out about the false eye lashes looking ridiculous.  I really wanted to still look like "me".  And you know what?  Not only did I look like "me"... I looked like the best freaking version of me ever!  I was seriously flabbergasted by how amazing I could look!  A huge thumbs up to Makeup by Libier for the amazing job she did! Here's a "before" and "after".

So that goes back to the question of "Why hire a make-up artist for your next photo session?"  If you are going to invest some serious money in quality photographs, why wouldn't you want to look your best so you can enjoy those photos for a long time?  The number one complaint I get from mothers about their photo session is that they love how everyone looks in the photos... except for themselves.  I know it's true because I've felt the same way.  Mothers tend to put their entire family ahead of themselves.  They pick their outfits last for their session, after spending hours picking the cutest clothing for their children to wear.  And of course it's always shocking to see in photos that we no longer have the body we had in our twenties.  And because we're comparing ourselves with "younger us 10-20 years ago" we miss the point that we're STILL BEAUTIFUL!  And if you hire a make-up artist that knows what she is doing,  she can take all those beautiful features and let them shine to their fullest extent.  AND she'll even hide those bags under your eyes.  Because let's get real... we're exhausted mommies and we have bags under our eyes!  And when you look at your finished portraits I want you remembering how much fun you had with your kids, not how exhausted you looked!

At the end of the day, I want my clients to invest their money in artistic family portraits that they will hang large on their walls for everyone to love for years to come.  That is why I have a list of professional make-up artists that I trust my clients with... artists who I know will do a fabulous job taking all their assets and making their inner beauty shine.  So for your next portrait session, ask your photographer for their recommendation of make-up artists.  You won't regret spending the money... trust me.  And I can guarantee that I will DEFINITELY be hiring someone to do my make-up for our next family portrait session!


Lisa Smiley said...

I whole heartedly agree, amy! i did it for our family portraits and i am so happy! my makeup looked amazing, showed up for the camera and looked great in print. hands down a must! :)

Jen said...

It's a must for me. The 2nd best investment behind hiring a great photographer in the first place.