Tuesday, July 26, 2011

California State Fair | Sacramento Event Photographer

Yesterday afternoon, my husband left work early and we went as a family to the California State Fair. We have gone almost every single year and it's always such a fun event. There's something there for everybody... young and old. As the sun started to set and that golden light started pouring over the fair grounds, I couldn't believe how amazing everything looked. The colors were just so rich and deep. Nothing would have made me happier than just running around with my camera snapping pictures. BUT... that wasn't going to happen because my three little kiddos were absolutely melting down with exhaustion, and if we didn't leave quickly things were going to get ugly. But, as we were making a quick exit out of the fair, I pushed my double stroller with one hand and snapped a few pictures with my other hand while we were heading out. Yah... when you're a mommy you learn how to multitask.

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