Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Gift of Surrogacy | Sacramento Maternity Photographer

I was REALLY looking forward to do this shoot with two amazing families.  It was a maternity shoot unlike any I have ever done.  Let me first introduce you to Heather's family.  She has an amazingly supportive husband and one of the most adorable boys ever.  Seriously... could her son be any cuter?

Heather and her husband had a huge desire to grow their family with more children and were unable to do so.  And as they prayed over their options, the idea of surrogacy came to them.  Little did they know that their friend Jen had been praying over the idea of becoming a surrogate for someone after having a relatively "easy" twin pregnancy with her own boys.  And as these two mommies revealed their hearts to each other, it became an easy decision on how to move forward!  Here's Jen's beautiful family!

The first time I met Heather and Jen, they weren't yet pregnant.  It was VERY cool to watch these two good friends embark on this adventure with such an amazing sense of humor about it!  And as the months have gone by, it's obvious that the whole experience has drawn these two "surro-families" together in an such a healthy, loving, and supportive way.

This sweet baby girl is not yet born, but she is already loved so much.  It was so amazing to watch the bond her mom, dad and big brother have already formed with her through "Auntie Jen".  And despite swollen fingers and toes, I think Jen is pretty excited about being an auntie! 

I know families that have grown through birth, fertility treatments, adoption, fostering and now... surrogacy.  And it has become extremely apparent to me that it doesn't really matter how it happens, all that matters is that everyone involved is head over heels in love with the sweet children that are being brought into this world.  This story isn't over... because I have the honor of getting to photograph this sweet baby girl's birth AND newborn portraits.  So stay posted... more to come...


Amy Schuff said...

Just lovely!! Oh Amy you did an amazing job photographing these two special families. Congratulations to all of them.

Megs said...

Cuteness! I'm a 2nd time surro. Loving all the surro love! :-)