Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wonderfully Made - Part 2 | Sacramento Glamor Photographer

Did you read yesterday's blog post?  If not, click HERE and go read it, because this one will make way more sense if you read the other one first.  In yesterday's post, I mentioned that me and my friend DeAnna (from DeAnna Gallardo Photography) made over four amazing "normal bodied" women in our attempt to show that ALL women are wonderfully made, despite how they compare themselves to unrealistic images they see in media.  But then I only showed you TWO of those ladies.  Well, here's the other two!

For this first lady, I have to preface her photos by saying that her "before" picture is a really horrible image of her and does her no justice.  BUT that being said, it's also a perfect example of why people don't like photos of themselves... because with the wrong angles and poses a person can easily look 20 pounds heavier.  You'll all agree that the AFTER photo shows off her beauty way better.

And here's my last stunning friend... a truly beautiful person inside and out!  You'll never meet a person more willing to help a friend in need than her!

Seriously... could they be any more beautiful?  I don't think so.  Now that being said... YOU can have awesome photos like this of yourself soon.  With Mother's Day coming up, wouldn't that be a great gift?  Are you taking notes, hubbies?  Keep your eyes and ears open, because next week DeAnna and I will be announcing another glamor photography marathon.  We will be booking sessions in pairs, so you can share the whole make-over and photography experience with a friend, sister, mother... whoever!  If these ladies can tell you anything about their experience, it's probably that it was way more fun to do this with friends.  And yes... your glamor session will include hair and make-up, so if you don't know how to doll yourself up, don't worry about it.

But most of all I hope that you have seen that it doesn't matter what kind of "issues" you think your body has, because DeAnna and I will get images of you that are sexy, classy and flattering.  You are wonderfully made!  And if you don't want to be as revealing, skip the lingerie and find a dress or top that still makes you feel beautiful and sexy.  Heck... bring two or three outfits!  More session details to be posted next week with limited spots available.

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