Monday, August 27, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane | Sacramento Family Photographer

I was contacted by this family for a session before Dad headed overseas for a couple of months with the Air Force.  He is a pilot who flies big tanker planes, and this trip is a longer one to the Middle East.  They have the most beautiful two-year old daughter... who wasn't really interested in sitting still for any period of time.  But I won her over long enough to capture her beautiful smile after she realized I could sing most of the songs to the Little Mermaid!

They also had Grandma join in for the photos, and it was very obvious that this sweet girl ADORES her Nana.  They are so lucky to have family so close by!

As the session went on and the conversation continued, we found out that we had a LOT of mutual friends.  It is amazing to me how SMALL Sacramento feels to me sometimes... especially considering I come from Canada, a country with a population less that the state of California.

Part way through our session we had a wardrobe change.  Check out the cute coordinating outfits that Dad picked up in Hawaii!  Pretty impressive that he picked out such cute dresses for his wife and daughter that fit so well!  I don't know many husbands that could do that!


Thanks you guys for a fun evening and for braving that wind!  It was great to meet all of you and I hope your time apart goes very, very QUICKLY over the next couple of months!

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