Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One big family | Granite Bay Family Photographer

I have this awesome friend who let's me shoot her family on a fairly regular basis.  They are completely fabulous people, and their boy-girl twins are some of the few people MY twins call "friends".

She and her husband work in the medical field and have fairly irregular hours, so they have developed an awesome circle of support to help them with their twins.  First, they have an au pair from Germany, who has been a part of their family for a year.

And they have a set of grandparents who are there on a regular basis to help out!  I have decided that my friend's mom is pretty much the Chinese version of my mom... funny, kind, and hard working!

It just goes to show you that "family" often encompasses more than the individuals living under one roof!  Even if the roof over your head looks like a shoe.  Yah... they have a giant shoe playhouse in their yard.  Another reason why they're awesome!

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Sara said...

I am in LOVE with these pictures. You did an amazing job! Thank you for capturing such beautiful pictures!