Monday, August 6, 2012

Twin Girls | Sacramento Newborn Photographer

This session started out as a comedy of errors.  I had run a 5K run in the morning and didn't have a whole lot of time to get showered and ready afterwards.  While getting ready, I was printing out my contracts and found out that I was out of ink and I didn't have an extra cartridge.  So I hand wrote out the directions to their home, but didn't realize that I had typed in the street name incorrectly.  So Google Maps sent me to Elk Grove... except apparently my client lives in Natomas.  Luckily I had their number with me and they were able to give me directions there, even though I was a half hour late (which goes against every fiber of my Type A "on timeness").  Yah... it started out rough.  And then I got there and these twin girls were the most easy-going, compliant little models for me.  Session... completely redeemed!  Whoo whoo!

Here's their whole family.... as cute as can be.  Their big sister was such a sweet and patient little girl.  Looks like mom and dad are going to have a fabulous helper with these cute babies!

 Then of course we had to get some pictures of the two babies together.  Such compliant little models...

And then some individual pictures!  I saw these cute ric rac flower headbands on Pinterest and, knowing that I had some ric rac in my craft store house, decided an hour before the session to whip a couple up.  Yes... it completely contributes to the fact that I was rushed for my session.  But aren't they cute?

Thanks to this fabulous family for letting me be a part of your day.  It was so great to get my baby fix!

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