Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Gift of Surrogacy | Sacramento Birth Photographer

Many of you will remember the awesome maternity session I did with a family and their surrogate who was carrying their baby girl (see here).  Well, I was on-deck to shoot the delivery too!  I was EXTREMELY excited about this, and was bummed the first time that we thought labor started, just to find out it was a false alarm.  And then this morning, it happened!  And it happened fast.  The elapsed time from the onset of labor until delivery was around ONE hour.  And when the surrogate (a.k.a Auntie Jen) realized that it was happening so fast, they sprinted to the hospital, arriving in the parking lot at 5:10 a.m. and delivering this sweet baby girl at 5:12 a.m.  The nurse didn't even have time to blink!  Needless to say, neither the babies parents nor the birth photographer (me) made it there in time!  BUT what a fabulous story they are going to have to tell this little girl when she grows up!

When I arrived, the nurse was giving the baby her bath and taking her vitals.  She weighed in at a whooping 8lbs 12oz and 19 1/4 inches long.  Considering she was 38 weeks gestation, I'm sure Auntie Jen was happy she didn't go the full 40 weeks.  But Mama Heather has been blessed with the sweetest, chunkiest little baby girl ever!

Shortly after she was all cleaned up, Auntie's Jen mom arrived to check in.  This was a fairly emotional moment as her mother was bubbling over in pride for what her daughter had just done.  Looking at these pictures make me well up just thinking about the worry, love, relief and joy that this loving mom must have felt all at the same time.

Then it was time for a room change.  I have to give a big "thumbs up" to the staff of Mercy Folsom, because they were so fabulous that they even had a guard come and transfer the baby to her new room.  Apparently I wasn't allowed to take photos in the hallway (which I was told after it was too late), but I'm glad I got this one shot off (thanks to Uncle Bryan for pointing out the overhead reflection).

Once we were in the rooms, the new Mommy and Daddy got some one on one time with their new daughter.  And, they just happened to be in the SAME room they had when their son was born!

Auntie Jen was also having some quiet time and she and Uncle Bryan were getting ready for a nice long nap.  A kiss for a job well done...

But of course I had to get everyone back together for one last group photo before nap time.  I'm mean that way.  But I love looking at this picture and thinking about these two couples that have been on this amazing journey for the last year to have it all culminate in today... the birth of this beautiful little girl.  Amazing!

And I was so happy to catch this one last private moment before packing up my gear and heading for home.  This is my favorite picture.  There is no greater gift that a woman can give to another woman than a new life through surrogacy.  Looking at this picture make me teary with joy!  Thank you to both of you ladies for allowing me to be a small part in this journey with you!

But that's not the end of this story!  This weekend... a newborn session!


Carol Repetti said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures of a wonderful story. Congratulations to all. She is a beautiful girl!

molly said...

I'm not one often brought to tears. Knowing how hard it can be to bring a baby into a loving family, I am so amazed by both family's strength, love, and commitment to this brand new little person. She will always feel very special. Amazing.

Terry Hartwig said...

What a beautiful story!

MACMD said...

Beautiful. THe last photo is pure magic.